Medicaid Assisted Living in Otsego County

There comes a time when the elderly requires more assistance in terms of personal care. One of the most challenging tasks families and communities face involves taking care of the elderly. At this point, the best option is assisted living. Many seniors find it especially important to maintain their independence as they age; losing it is a significant fear. Medicaid Assisted Living Care in Otsego County provides your beloved elderly with personalized care in a residential setting. Here, the focus is on the resident; we provide freedom of choice, absolute comfort, and peace of mind as you age. Here’s what you can expect from us.

Accommodation and Amenities

Owning a home in your old age is expensive and brings with it its fair share of challenges. With changing seasons, you may need to shovel the snow or rake the leaves. Additionally, maintenance responsibilities and keeping yourself safe can be overwhelming. Our accommodation services give you peace of mind to relax and age gracefully. They include a laundry room, an on-site hair salon, and private and semi-private rooms in a beautiful and historic home. Among the amenities provided to keep you comfortable are:

  • Cable
  • Wireless Internet
  • Individual Climate Control
  • 24/7 non-intrusive security with supervision and monitoring

Assistance with Assisted Living

At Medicaid Assisted Living in Otsego County, we aim at giving you and your family peace of mind. In our facility, you can rest assured knowing that our abled team is here to provide you with the assistance you need, both personal and medical. Our caring team assists you with:

1.   Medication Management

Our doctors work together with the pharmacy to ensure every resident receives complete medical monitoring and assistance. If you are due for medication, prescription renewal, or medication order, our professional medical technicians automatically take care of them to ensure there are no inconveniences and that you take all your prescribed doses.

2.   Personal Care Assistance

Part of the reason seniors enroll in Medicaid Assisted Living in Otsego County is to relax and enjoy their golden age. As a senior, living alone at home makes you vulnerable to many hazards as you go about your chores, like life-threatening falls and slips.

Our staff provides a hospitable experience by taking on chores, such as laundry and housekeeping. Our Laundry attendants and housekeepers put in the work to ensure you have fresh linens at your disposal, clean clothes, and immaculate rooms. We also ensure that you are prepared for nutritional meals and assisted with personal needs, such as toileting, showering, and dressing.

3.   Recreation and Activities

At Medicaid Assisted Living in Otsego County, we are huge on engaging residents in social activities and recreation. There are different activities to partake in, such as ping pong, baking projects, movie nights, art programs, word games, exercise classes, and bingo nights. You are free to invite family and friends for socials, like Holiday celebrations, our Annual Senior Prom, and birthday parties. Among other activities, you can enjoy community outings to shopping malls, events, and shows.

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Assisted living care with us gives you and your family peace of mind and enables you to age gracefully within a community of other residents and compassionate staff members. Schedule a tour today and get to enjoy a complete visit to our Medicaid-approved facility.

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