Assisted living in Chenango County

Are you or a loved one are finding daily tasks and running errands a little more challenging? Then an assisted living facility could be the answer!

It allows you to continue to live independently in a safe environment while having access to nearby amenities and the option of assistance with everyday activities.

If you’re looking for an assisted living facility in Chenango County, Robynwood offers a variety of services along with a comfortable and friendly environment.

Our dedicated team will always have your best interest at heart and provide a tailored service according to the needs of each individual resident.

Assisted living in Chenango County

At an assisted living facility like Robynwood, you will live as independently as you prefer and our qualified staff are always available to make your lives easier. Our certified PCA and HHA staff provide companionship, housekeeping services, assistance with personal needs, medication monitoring, shopping and other daily errands.

We also help our residents organize a nutritional diet plan and prepare meals. We offer private and semi-private rooms, each well equipped with a number of amenities.

Amenities Available

All residents at Robynwood assisted living facility have access to on-site amenities. We have a hair salon and a laundry room. We equip each room with individual climate control, Wi-Fi, telephone, cable, and 24-hour security monitoring.

You can also expect transport assistance to medical appointments and help with the administering and monitoring of medication. We pride ourselves on providing our residents with maximum comfort and aim to improve their overall quality of life each day.

Activities and Recreation

Taking part in recreational activities can be very beneficial for your mental well-being! For this reason at Robynwood, we have an extensive social program including exercise classes, art classes, bingo nights, baking projects, movie nights, word games, ping pong, and more.

We also arrange days out for our residents, such as shopping trips and outings to community events and shows.

There’s never a dull moment at Robynwood. We even host socials that friends and family are welcome to, such as holiday celebrations and birthday parties. Our calendar is always full of special events, the favorite one being the annual Senior Prom.

Why Choose Robynwood?

If you’re interested in an assisted living facility that provides the best environment for you to live comfortably, then you’ve come to the right place! We are a medicaid approved facility, and our team of PCA and HHA qualified staff provide 24/7 assistance to all residents.

This will give you and your family peace of mind, knowing that you’re in a safe environment. You’ll also have access to many fantastic amenities and be able to take part in several fun activities, whatever your hobbies or interests may be.

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The friendly team at Robynwood is always available to answer questions or queries, or better yet, why don’t you come and see for yourself? If you would like further information about assisted living in Chenango County and Robynwood, schedule a tour today.

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